k/v/m & Serial Console Switching

Factory trained and authorized

A bewildering number of features are now available on keyboard/video/mouse switching systems: Multi-user, multi-platform, VT100 terminal emulation, analog, digital, k/v/m over IP, cat 5 and fiber connectivity.  Let us design a system that meets your budget as well as current and growth needs.

Conceptual Technologies maintains certifications from Avocent and Raritan for system design and installation on their most advanced products.  We can analyze your needs and recommend a system that you can grow with.  Installation and maintenance services are available.

Expert Planning - Includes analysis of existing wiring infrastructure, server & user location and integration of exisiting k/v/m equipment.  Every project from a small business server closet to a large enterprise data center center gets a thorough analysis and detailed plan.

Professional Installation - Available worlwide on-site installation includes user training and system mapping & documentation.  The comprehensive documentation eases troubleshooting and expansion planning.

Advanced Applications

k/v/m switching and extension allow hot, noisy and unsightly computer equipment to be removed from the human work environment and placed in remote equipment rooms where they can be kept cool, secure and easily maintained.  Conceptual Technologies specializes in these advanced projects.  Recent projects include:

Forty student Interactive Computer Training Room for an international insurance company. Conceptual Technologies designed and installed a computer extension/switching system that allows the instructors to view any of the student workstations secretly, or send their images to the overhead projector for all to see. The instructors can also work privately with their own workstations, or send their workstation images to the projector. The instructors can actually take over command or share use of any of the student workstations during a training session. The switching/extension system may operate as two discrete systems working simultaneously, or as one system with one instructor when the moveable wall is opened for large classes. In this mode the instructor has access to all student workstations and operates the projectors on each side of the room. The monitors, keyboards and mice can be removed quickly to transform the room from an interactive computer-training center to a general-purpose conference room.

Multi-studio Radio Program Control System for a national radio broadcasting company.  The company consolidated several radio stations in a single location and needed to put all the program control workstations in the equipment room for security and maintenance purposes.  The on-air talent can access the program control workstations directly from the studio or can share access with a remote administator if problems are encountered.  If on-air talent is unavailable, then broadcasting can continue uninterrupted through over-IP control of the workstation.

Thirty operator Network Monitoring Center for a national managed services provider.  Each operator must monitor four workstations.  The k/vm signals from each workstation are transmitted from the equipment room into the monitoring center where the video signals go directly to an array of flat panel monitors.  The keyboard and mouse signals are split off to a switch at the operators fingertips that allows them to operate any of the four work stations monitored with a single keyboard and mouse.