Media Storage

Conceptual Technologies is proud to offer media storage products manufactured by Dasco Data Products.

The DDP Multi-Media Cabinets have been the quality standard in the industry for more than 25 years. No other cabinet can boast the quality, durability, warranty or versatility of the DDP Multi-Media Cabinet. The unique ALL STEEL bi-parting door, glides with ease on our special “aircraft cable track system”. The cable system is guaranteed not to break, fray, rust or corrode for the life of the cabinet. Other features of DDP Multi-Media cabinets include, 1/2" increment adjustment for all components, heavy gauge steel construction, lock & keys and powder coat paint finish for durability and great looks.

DESIGNER SERIES Multi-Media Cabinets .

Available as an option to any size Multi-Media Cabinet, our “DESIGNER” laminates take them one step further. Yes, the doors remain ALL STEEL. The Designer laminates are installed directly to the metal louvered door in a patent process that gives a “real wood” appearance. FOUR standard designer laminates allow you to use various combinations to match your decor.


We have taken our Multi-Media Cabinet and designed a “CREDENZA” height for high profile, executive or showroom offices. This 32" high version allows you to customize your CREDENZA to be much more than a filing cabinet. All the components available in our Multi-Media line are available for the CREDENZA Series.

Component Options :

Multi-Media roll-out shelves, filing drawers, shelves, laptop inserts and much more. ALL components are pre-installed exactly where you want them before your cabinet is shipped.

Capacity per Multi-Media Roll-out Shelf (using one type of media)

Secure Laptop/Notebook Cabinets - Fully Powered

DDP has specifically designed a fully powered cabinet to house up to (18) laptops/notebooks with internal power bars for charging. Laptop theft is on the rise in North America and the value of the computer is what it costs but what it costs to replace. The Secure Laptop Cabinet takes you to a new level in protecting what you need to protect………your information. Cabinets come complete with an ALL STEEL tambour door, lock and keys and power bar. For extra protection you can add a security locking bar (#050-00729) that accept a padlock. Each secure drawer has (2) private chambers that have separate lock #’s and keys. Each chamber also has its on power outlet and room for the power pack and accessories. Also as an option offer a Bin Drawer (#050-00704) that can be used for laptop bags, spare parts etc…

Multi-Media Racks

DDP Multi-Media Racks are available in TWO heights, 54" & 84" and Single or Double sided. Each Multi-Media shelf is adjustable in 1" increments and comes with 2 adjustable dividers. DDP Multi-Media Racks are 32.5" wide. When adding on to the left or right a common post is used. Standard Color: BLACK  Optional Color: BIEGE