Conceptual Technologies offers technical furniture from Systems Manufacturing Corporation.


SMC's Duramax is an economical open racking system with a wide range of components and accessories to adapt it to any project from the smallest data closet to the largest software lab.  Conceptual Technologies offers free designs on all such projects large and small.


SMC's enclosures ( Premier LAN Module shown) are designed to provide optimum density, security, cable management and maximum ventilation for today's demanding applications.  SMC's product development team supports their full product line by designing new features to adapt existing enclosures for new computer platforms. Constant development assures SMC's enclosures will provide maximum value by adapting to future platforms.

Conceptual Technologies will inventory your equipment and plan the internal layout of your enclosures at no charge.  Comprehensive planning ensures a smooth transition during moves.  Enclosure and computer installation services are available around the clock to aid in time sensitive projects

Control Consoles

The SMC System 2000 is a classic design steel console for one to three tier high applications.  Monitors reside behind optically coated anti-glare smoked glass windows that open with gas assisted struts.  A variety of storage, large screen and corner modules are available to adapt this console for many uses.  Generous below-worksurface storage space can be outfitted with fixed and rollout shelves or rackmount to fit virtually any computer platform.  All exterior panels are removable without tools to expose the wide open steel frame that allows for easy cable management and ventilation as well as complete accessibility from front, rear and sides.  Modular construction allows easy growth and reconfiguration.

The VisionLine by SMC is based on a rugged welded steel framework clothed in elegant laminate panels.  It is available in 48", 60" and 72" widths with numerous angled connecting modules.  A large cabling void in the rear is accessible through doors and is open between units.  An integrated slat wall in back provides adjustable hanging positions for shelves, task lamps and telescopic flat screen arms.  A full compliment of keyboard, storage, shelving, power and cable management components allows the VisionLine to adapt to many tasks.  This product is optimised for use with LCD monitors and k/v/m extension devices that remove computers completely from the operating center enviroment.

SMC’s NOC Vision is a modern and compact steel console. A wide range of accessories and finishes allow it to adapt to adapt to any task or décor. The compact design allows use of corner units to wrap around the walls of smaller Operation Center rooms. It has been designed to easily expand from a one-tier to a two-tier configuration. The second tier is capable of housing CRT monitors, Flat Screen monitors and Plasma Screens. For convenient access, the tempered glass monitor fronts are hinge mounted with gas springs, allowing for flexible monitor positioning and adjustment.

Conceptual Technologies’ Project Engineers will produce free CAD design proposals to help you evaluate how different console products and configurations will meet your project needs. Call us today for a free site survey.